GlasMuseum Lette : « Antoine and his Friends »

Mar 12 2020

The Ernsting Stiftung Foundation in Lette, created 40 years ago by Lilly Ernsting, has built up over the years the largest private collection of glass sculptures in Germany and even in Europe. All the techniques of glass art are represented, from glass paste to the glass cane technique. The museum also has an exceptional garden which was designed by Kurt and Lilly Ernsting. The museum route continues outside with magnificent installations, to the delight of visitors.

From August 8th to January 10th, 2020, the Ernsting Stiftung Foundation in Lette, highlights the works of Antoine Pierini and his artists friends, with an exhibition that includes no less than 40 sculptures and installations.

Dr. Ulrike Hoppe-Oehl, the director of this beautiful glass museum, has known the Pierini Glass Art Center in Biot for years and follows closely the developments and creations of Antoine Pierini. In 2018, during her visit to the gallery, she decided to acquire some exceptional pieces for the Ernsting Stiftung foundation, and a few months later, offered to Gaëlle and Antoine Pierini to host an exhibition honoring the works of Antoine Pierini. Spontaneously, Antoine wanted to bring together in his exhibition, some pieces by artists that matter to him: firstly those of his father, Robert Pierini, but also those of his artist friends, internationally renowned, who came to work since 2015 in his own workshops at Biot: Raven Skyriver, Kelly O’Dell, Rob Stern, Ondrej Novotny, Gabe Feenan, Ethan Stern, Mathieu Grodet, Antoine Brodin, Nicolas Laty, as well as emerging artists like Leo and Galla Theodosis. Some examples of their work have also joined the museum’s collection on this occasion alongside those of Antoine Pierini.

German visitors will have the chance to discover for four months in all the rooms of the museum, fifteen works from the different series of Antoine Pierini: « Apesanteurs », « Dunes », « Bambous », « Vestiges contemporains », « On the Rock » … and will also be able to appreciate, through around thirty works by other artists, the dynamism of the Pierini de Biot Glass Art Center, which houses the greatest glass artists in the world and exhibits at throughout the year their works.

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