Contemporary Remains – Vestiges Contemporains

Fév 13 2020

The majestic sculptures “Contemporary Remains” by Antoine Pierini have to be understood in two senses, literally and figuratively.

Antoine Pierini reveals, with his sculptures, an object which has been destroyed, which comes from the past, but also a feeling, a tradition. These singular sculptures can be understood by imagining the original object and the reconstituted object.

Antoine Pierini revives what has been forgotten materially and intellectually. They appeal to our memory, draws us to our past. Because through these contemporary amphorae which no longer have their original functions, Antoine Pierini retraces the Mediterranean’s story, stories in History.

The history of glass, first of all, which dates from the 1st century BC. The history of navigation then. Navigation in Antiquity marks the first major step in the conquest of maritime space. The Mediterranean quickly becomes a link between its shores, a means of communication par excellence. The story of Biot, finally, which for several centuries was one of the most important pottery centers and the largest jars center in the entire Mediterranean basin.

The « Contemporary Remains » tell us endless messages about the heritage of this southern region. We decipher through the stylized aspect of these amphorae, a very diverse identity, roots and cultural backgrounds. They represent the hope of an alliance, sharing and exchange. They are the symbol of these men and women from different cultures that surround our Mediterranean Sea.

Antoine Pierini finds in the glass an inexhaustible source to describe the problems of our world and more particularly of the South region. Glass is a material that has many contradictory properties: primitive and noble, strong and fragile, it is a metaphor for our world which seems solid and eternal but which is however very fragile. It is a perfect medium to symbolize the tensions and promises of our time.