Inspired by organic shapes, between exotic bamboo and Mediterranean reed, Antoine Pierini keeps transporting us in his poetic universe, close to nature.

The artist also sees an echo to the thoughts of Chinese Taoïst poet and philosopher Xi Kang, who was one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove : « The common world hardly awakens. It never stops pursuing materiality. Perfect beings look beyond. They returns to nature ».

This quest for harmony between man and nature isn’t an alternative in the face of the excesses and the downward of our modern society? Can the Mediterranean "Way of Life" be one of the solutions?

The repetition of these simplified units, whose shape is inspired by an organic structure, is reminiscent of Constantin Brancusi’s researches for The Endless Column. Between natural germination and man-made architectural construction, the shape as well as the the theme of the « Bambous » appeared self-evident to Antoine Pierini.

Roche Bobois campaign 2019-2020