Sand and wind,
Sand and breath...

When the effect of the wind on sand dunes inspires Antoine Pierini, concave and convex shapes he observed in the Tunisian desert turn into bubbly, ovoid forms, on the verge of abstraction. Shapes so organic one might expect them to start slowly moving...

Movement and dynamics lie at the heart of these creations : playing on different effects and on different textures on each piece, Antoine Pierini aspires to display the variety of effects produced by the wind on sand dunes.

Château Saint-Martin - Vence, France

Despite their seemingly unchanging aspect, this glass sculptures are designed as modular installations, to be moved ad infinitum. These pieces’ diversity offers never ending wonders to the eye.

Exhibition Morean Art Center - Floride, USA - 2019
Exhibition Glasmuseum - Lette, Germany - 2020

In the same manner as the wind caressing sand dunes, Antoine Pierini’s breath and talent shape poetic and unique creations. Be they indoors or outdoors, daylight pours through the sculptures capturing something of the mysterious beauty of the natural and ancestral concretions, all the while immersing the viewer in a sculptural and phantasmagoric universe.

Le Mas Candille - Mougins, France