On The Rock

Suspended movement, subtle balance : each « On the Rock » is a one-of-kind artwork, hand-to-hand between a raw fragment of rock and a solid piece of glass inlaid with gold-tone metal.

Antoine Pierini’s « On the Rock » recreate these feeling of arising, the swift change in apparently fix masses which, through their movement, evoke frozen waterfalls or lava flowing. These sculptures highlight materials and stage the mystery of their transformation.

Through this series, he once again endeavors to highlight the Mediterranean natural and cultural heritage which is his common thread.

Antoine Pierini found his inspiration in the geologic and cultural treasures of Mount Bégo, in the « Vallée des Merveilles » (the Valley of Marvels) : this mysterious place holds both the biggest European deposit of natural glass — fulgurite : the result of a lightning striking sandy ground — and a significant number of prehistoric cave paintings.

A certain mystery still surrounds the convergence of energy and matter ; which undoubtedly inspired the first men the feeling of a higher order.

The artist exclusively uses rocks from this geographic site. He deals here with the transformation, with this vital movement in search of a fragile balance, from one material to another, from one state to another, a real performance that gives life to this art works where stone mingle, glass and metal, also playing with the changing effects offered by these smooth, rough, cut or engraved mediums.