In Ancient Greece, the oecumene designated the surface of the globe known to the Greeks, from the columns of Hercules in the west to those of Alexander in the east.

To illustrate this, Antoine Pierini uses cartography, calligraphy and writing.
We observe a careful calligraphic work, composed of key words, symbols, hieroglyphs and letters from the alphabets of founding civilizations of the Mediterranean identity. Thus, Greek, Etruscan, Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Phoenician and Latin are intermingled, symbols of the cultural diversity of the peoples who forged and nourished our current identity.

Culture et Partage
Ombre et Lumière

Today, the term "oecumene" is broader and more philosophical, it encompasses a reality more vast than the whole of the inhabited or exploited land, namely the understanding of the human being towards his own personal experience and his view of the world around him.
With the help of our satellites, we know precisely every corner of the planet. Thanks to the Internet, information and knowledge have never been so accessible. So who are the real influencers of our lives today?

But who are they exactly?
Philosophers, writers, journalists, religious people, artists, politicians, stars, sportsmen, algorithms that track us or even bloggers?
Let's take a little time and step back on the question: aren't the real influencers those who have marked their time, for a generation, centuries or even millennia? Particularly across the seas rather than through the screens?

Le Guerrier

All these territories, whether geographical or internal, question us as human beings. They require perhaps to take a step back, and to analyze the events on a longer temporality, only able to understand the complexity of the world and of the being.

La Méditerranée