The spectator can apprehend the meeting of the antique object with the creations of Antoine Pierini, to evoke place and memory.

Inspired by vernacular objects that he dresses with dreams and history, the artist reinterprets and destructures jars, amphoras and clay pots, giving to these ancient forms and questioning the archaeological vestige, with imprints of the past marked in the matter, the traces of sedimented time - like the witnesses of an archive of memory.

Half buried in the sand, or placed inside a wreck, the artist reveals his creations in the manner of an archaeologist who exhumes the vestiges of the past to make them appear to our eyes.

Eric Delaval Director & Curator of the Museum of Archaeology of Antibes.

« As long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by antiquity. These testimonies of past times come to light when man makes the effort to delve into his roots. Just like the archaeologist searching in the lost wrecks of the of the sea. These treasures of history translate the travels and exchanges between peoples. »

« Buried childhood images and forgotten memories come to the surface. I remember these trips to Italy, going through the Etruscan lands in search of the village of my grandfather who arrived in France illegally at the beginning of the 20th century.

A few years later, my mother took us to Greece. During these trips, we visited a great number of museums and ancient sites, where the ruins of temples and ceramic relics took me back in time. I was fascinated by its ruins, but also by the beauty and purity of Cretan vases. »