The Purpose of the Trip


The simple word “amphora” resonates powerfully within us, evoking multiple images: the words “voyage, trading, links, sharing, conveying, and know-how” spring to mind. The amphora, with its anthropomorphic shape, is the physical manifestation of this, which is why Antoine PIERINI chose it as the beacon for this collection.

But are these words still topical in a contemporary society that at times places more value on the ephemeral and immediate than on permanency or durability?

This is one of the questions Antoine PIERINI puts to us through his “Contemporary Vestiges”.

The “Purpose of the Trip” (L’Objet du Voyage) installation in which these amphora are presented immerses us and raises questions about the heritage of these lands, their identify, their roots and cultural belonging.

Sometimes all white “Immaculée”, to ensure an equal footing and to evoke a pure, almost divine renaissance. Or even the blue "Sérénité" inviting us to contemplate and reminding us of the importance of this color in the Mediterranean.

These amphora - equal therefore, but all different, to honour the diversity and richness of these countries and bring about an encounter with the “otherness” of other cultures - represent the hope of an alliance, of sharing, of exchange and interaction.

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In the words of Baudelaire, “The sea is your mirror; you contemplate your soul”. In his view, this vast, mysterious, wild expanse could harbour profound truths.

Perpetually moving from one state to another, it invites us to travel into the depths of our being, revealing this inner conflict within us, our contradictions and our morality.

The subject and object of this visual installation is therefore the inner journey, inviting the spectator to immerse themselves in this poetic Mediterranean world, contemplating existential questions.

Will we manage to achieve equilibrium and harmony within us and with our ways of life, with nature and with others? What meaning do we want to give to our existence in a brief voyage on this earth?

Here lies the source, a Mediterranean dream, the source of life, escape, emotions and reflection. The sea is not inert. It calls to us, sweeping us along in its perpetual motion.

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