La Halle du Verre, Musée du Verre, Claret

Mar 16 2020

From June 26th To November 29th 2020

The Halle du Verre de Claret, a museum which retraces the history of glass and its techniques from antiquity to the present day in the Mediterranean, exhibits for seven months the works of three major French glassblowers : Antoine Brodin, Olivier Mallemouche and Antoine Pierini.

The exhibition is curated by Manuel Fadat, art historian, independent exhibition curator, teacher, specialist in the glass arts and the uses of glass in art, accompanied in this mission by the Cultural Service of Claret (in particular Coralie Pagès-Bouet and Bianca Bouaru) and the services of the CCGPSL. For this exhibition, he selected the pieces among the most emblematic of three contemporary artists:

Olivier Mallemouche, introduced faces, calligraphy or abstract drawings into his glass works, with layers overlapping on gold or silver leaf backgrounds.

Antoine Brodin plays with the solid and liquid state inherent in glass material and cultural symbols, his work seems to continually return to the themes of impermanence and memory.

Antoine Pierini tends to work with refined and sculptural glass. Working in series and drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean cultural heritage left by man, his works invite you to travel in space and time, and want to be alive.

However, each having a different approach to cane blown glass and quite distinct universes, Manuel Fadat reveals in this exhibition the common points of these three artists:

Three breaths, three creators, were therefore brought together. Singular aesthetics and energies, specific ways of doing things, relationships with creation and particular matter, but yet three artists who have in common, in particular, to flirt the real, the symbolic and the imaginary, l news, history and myths. What unites them? What connects them? A passion, a search for balance between form and content, a quest for meaning. A love of gesture and detail. Crossing borders, spatial, temporal. References to other peoples, cultures, way of seeing the world. But perhaps even more the desire to share and transmit, stories, existential, philosophical, humanist messages. » Manuel Fadat.

The exhibition catalog will be available at Claret’s Halle du Verre as well as at the Pierini Glass Art Center in Biot.

Information / Contact

The Halle du Verre offers guided tours, children’s entertainment and glassmaking demonstrations in the museum’s workshop for temporary exhibitions.

After visiting the exhibition, you are invited to follow a fun journey to discover the origins of glass, the trade of blown glass in Antiquity and the local epic of glassmakers from the Middle Ages to the Revolution…

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