Exhibition « Voyage en Méditerranée » from June 15th to September 30th

Fév 14 2020

Exhibition « Voyage en Méditerranée », from June 15th to September 30th, 2020, opening Friday June 19th.

The Pierini Glass Art Center presents, from June 15 to September 30, a retrospective exhibition of the 20 years of Antoine Pierini’s career, and highlights his different series: « Apesanteurs », « Ivresses », « Dunes », « Bambous », « Contemporary remains », « On the Rock », « Immaculate ».

Glass is a material that has many contradictory properties: primitive and noble, strong and fragile. For Antoine Pierini, he is a perfect medium to describe the tensions and promises of our time, the sometimes difficult connections between men, the fragility of nature.
Living since his childhood on the French Riviera, a region charged with varied influences which make its wealth, the common thread of the majority of Antoine Pierini’s creations is the natural and cultural

Mediterranean heritage. This retrospective exhibition entitled « Voyage in the Mediterranean« , allows you to discover for the first time in its entirety this theme dear to Antoine Pierini.

All the works on display, although from different series, come together around the artist’s same obsession: to retrace the history of the Mediterranean and the countries around it.

When the action of the wind on the sand in the Tunisian desert inspires Antoine Pierini, the concave and convex forms observed transform into bullous and ovoid forms, bordering on abstraction, give birth to the « Dunes ». Between natural emergence and architectural construction of human hands, the form and the theme of the « Bamboos » imposed themselves on Antoine Pierini, who sees in his work an echo in the Taoist poet and philosopher Xi Kang, from the « Group of the Seven Wise Men of the Bamboo Forest »: « The vulgar world is awakening with difficulty. It never stops in the pursuit of material things. The perfect man looks away. He’s going back to nature.

This exhibition is also an opportunity to present a new project on which Antoine Pierini has been working for many months: interactive works. After having followed several courses on neon and plasma in 2019, in Sweden and in the United States, Antoine Pierini was able to develop and acquire a unique know-how in the technique of blowing glass with neon. This technique, which requires great dexterity, allows the appearance of a fluorescent tint inside the glass sculptures.

With an ancestral know-how of glass blowing, while using contemporary tools, Antoine Pierini is today an active and multidisciplinary artist in his research and his interests.