The Warrior « Ombre et Lumière »

Mar 12 2020

The Mougins Museum of Classical Art exhibits, start from February 28, extension to September 30, 2020, THE WARRIOR « OMBRE ET LUMIERE » by Antoine PIERINI.

Antoine PIERINI recalls with the motif of the warrior how war and conflict have been in the center of the history of the Mediterranean basin, whatever the eras and civilizations involved.

Contemporary piece inspired by various ancient periods, the work of Antoine Pierini blends perfectly with the collection of the Museum of Classical Art in Mougins, like the many contemporary pieces of the Museum which make the link between past and present.

The two colors chosen for this installation, black and gold, refer to day and night, to life and death, and establishes this symbolic conversation between East and West.

The four pieces that make up the work were made according to the artist’s original drawings with mixed materials: Antoine PIERINI shaped the glass and asked his artist friend Thierry PELLETIER for the brass parts (the bow on the helmet and the tongue of the snake).

The helmet is inspired by a Corinthian shape, like certain pieces from the armor collection of the Museum of Classic Art in Mougins, to which Antoine PIERINI added a mane in the shape of a circular arc and accentuate the solar aspect.

The long vertical shield matches the dimensions of the scutum used by Roman legionaries during the Empire. The calligraphy engraved on the shield mixes the letters of the alphabets Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, Phoenician, Etruscan and Aramaic with hieroglyphs. Above these black and sand-painted scriptures, the design of a snake was engraved and covered with varnished gold leaf. There is also the serpent motif on top of the amphora and the scepter.

The snake-headed scepter is more of an oriental inspiration. The snake is both a symbol of death (with the venom) and of rebirth (the moult). She is a creature who makes the link between the world of the living and the world of the dead. At the same time captivating by its beauty and frightening by the danger which it represents, the snake is an ideal motif for warlike equipment intended to frighten the adversary at the same time as it magnifies its wearer. This is an extremely interesting motif because it crosses the ages while retaining its strength and its mystery, the snake swallows knowledge to recreate a new world.

The amphora is a powerful tribute to the inexhaustible cultural treasures of the Mediterranean. This glass sculpture takes the form of a classic ancient amphora. On the body, we observe a careful calligraphic work, composed of keywords and letters from the alphabets of the civilizations that founded the Mediterranean identity. Thus intertwine the Greek, the Etruscan, the Hebrew, the Arab, the Aramaic, the Phoenician, the Latin, the French and Egyptian hieroglyphs, symbols of the cultural diversity of the peoples who have forged and nourished our identity current. The brilliant letters enhanced with gold leaf (24 carats), worked in slight relief, are superimposed on a black matt background and allow a play of light and contrasts. The keywords « Shadow » and « Light », positioned vertically in symmetry each on one side of the body, give their title to the work, of which they constitute the strong message.

February 28th to September, 30th, 2020
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