Vestiges contemporains: international itineraries

Sep 16 2021

IBG 2021 – Sofia International Glass Biennial BULGARIA – from 5/10 to 5/11
European Glass Context, Borhholm Biennial of Glass and Contemporary Ceramics DENMARK from 11/9 to 21/11

Inspired by the amphorae of the Mediterranean world, the series of unique pieces “Contemporary Vestiges” will be exhibited this autumn at major glass events in Bulgaria and Denmark.

And if we were to find the remains of our current civilisation tomorrow, what would they look like? To try to answer this question, Antoine Pierini has turned to the Mediterranean, where he grew up and which is his main source of inspiration.

Here at the bottom of the sea in the wrecks, excavations have brought to light an incredible diversity of amphorae, ancient vases that were used to transport wine and olive oil all around the Mediterranean. By replacing the opacity of clay with the transparency of glass, its light, and by diverting these amphorae from their utilitarian function, Antoine Pierini imagined his Contemporary Vestiges.

With its oxymoronic title, this series is an obvious reminder that exchanges have always been the foundation of Mediterranean culture. Inspired by ancient amphorae, from Cycladic models to Byzantine versions, these contemporary works highlight simple and stylized lines. They can evoke the silhouettes of men and women. Aren’t we calling the parts of an amphora: the neck, the shoulder, the belly, and the foot?

At the end of 2021, Antoine Pierini will present a piece of this series at the Sofia International Glass Biennial. A contemporary vestige called Serenity, of a pure blue. Also selected for the European Glass Context,  Borhholm Biennial of Glass and Contemporary Ceramics  from  11 September to 21 November, he will deploy eight other works with opaline whiteness, accompanied by the visual and sound installation “L’Objet du Voyage”.

By animating these anthropomorphic remains through images of the Mediterranean and its skies, this set refers to the inner movements of each as well as to the strength and lightness of the elements. And in this dream, in any case, the human is in tune with his environment.