« The aim of my glass sculptures is to capture the ancestral and ephemeral poetry of Mediterranean cultures and landscapes. I wish to share my imagination through the ideas of Journey and Introspection, notions which are essential to self-improvement. »

Born and living on the French Riviera, Antoine Pierini draws an infinite inspiration from the Mediterranean region, its mountainous landscapes and its seascapes. Travels feed his creativity and enrich the palette of his interior landscapes (Itlay, Greece, Sahara, Morocco, etc).

Aware of the wealth and fragility of both the natural and cultural Mediterranean heritage, Antoine Pierini tries to move us by questioning these themes, central to most his creations.

His sculptures are freely inspired by natural shapes, often associate glass with raw natural material and sometimes relate to handcrafted objects.

Combining traditional savoir-faire and contemporary experiments, Antoine Pierini gladly describes himself as an « artist of the matter » giving his creations a sensitive and poetic depth.

Created as installations, they are often conceived as adjustable sets bringing together various forms and colors; a choice allowing him to say of his sculptures that they are « alive ».